A fine Thanksgiving

When my husband, Brian and I, moved into our house, which belonged to my great-grandparents an grandparents, we inherited cabinets filled with china and crystal along with it. My great-grandmother, Theresa, and grandmother, Anna, enjoyed entertaining and collected beautiful dishes. I recall when I was young girl going with my grandmother to Norby’s in downtown Grand Forks. She  loved looking at — and often buying — the lovely pieces sold in the Norby’s china department.

For the first few years we hosted Thanksgiving, Brian and I set the table with the china and crystal. But for the last several, years,  we opted for paper plates and everyday dishes for serving the food, figuring that was more practical.

This year we decided to bring out the fine  china and crystal again. We have a visitor from Germany staying with us and wanted her to get the full flavor of a traditional American family Thanksgiving. I’m glad she is here to inspire us because our table looks beautiful and brings back memories of not only those first Thanksgiving Brian and I hosted, but the ones my mom hosted when I was growing up. My mom, Marcia, like my great-grandmother and grandmother, used her French Haviland and Fostoria crystal on Thanksgiving.

My mom, grandmother and great-grandmother are no longer with us, but my hope is that their warm, welcoming spirit is living on through me and my children. If we can make our guests today feel as special as they did, I will have accomplished that.

Best wishes for a fine Thanksgiving blessed with family, friends and the opportunity for making memories.

One thought on “A fine Thanksgiving

  1. Ann and Brian — I can almost picture your beautiful Thanksgiving Day table with the Haviland china and all. I enjoyed your mentioning of “Fostoria,” as my Mom and Dad bought Fosteria water glasses for their 25th wedding anniversary in 1955. How my mom loved her Fosteria. I am blessed to now have them in my home and enjoy using them very much. Wonder if we might have the same pattern. God bless you and yours on this beautiful day of remembering our blessings — among them — the people in our families who came before us and whose example we are proud to follow. Naomi

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