Marilyn mania

If I’m not out reporting on a story, I sit and do my work and don’t have much contact with the outside world except through our wire services and the Internet. Save  for an occasional viisitor, I don’t see many people besides my co-workers.

   Things have been different the past few days  since Marilyn Hagerty went viral and national news programs have been trooping in and out of the Herald to film segments on her.  I feel like I have to keep checking my hair and makeup in case I end up in a background shot.

     Marilyn is one of my mentors, has been for 35 years. In fact, she was my first interview.  I had an assignment in a career education class in high school to interview someone in the career we were interested in pursuing after we graduated. I wanted to be a jouranlist and chose Marilyn because I liked reading her columns (still do).  I remember stanidng in the Larimore (N.D.) High School office and nervously calling the Herald and asking for Marilyn. She kindly answered my questions and by the end of the interview the telephone receiver in my hand had stopped shaking.

    Seven years later I started working at the Herald and Marilyn became my colleague, but has remained a mentor. I continue to admire her quick wit, feistiness and sense of adventure. I just hope I don’t appear on camera. Even being in a background shot  is too close up for me. I prefer to be read, but not seen or heard.

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  1. I do believe that Marilyn has much to teach Food Critics all over the world.
    What a lovely woman!


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