Wrestling with the holidays

      If December wasn’t already busy enough, with holiday gatherings, shopping and cookie baking, it also falls in the middle of wrestling season. For me and my family, that means tournaments three out of four Saturdays this month and at least one during the week.

          Because we have two sons in wrestling, one in seventh grade and one in ninth, sometimes the tournaments are on the same day in two different places. When that’s the case,  my husband and I split up our family cheering section and one of us goes to watch Thomas and one goes to watch Brendan. Eventually, we both usually end up at Brendan’s tournament because Thomas’ finishes first.

     Sometimes the boys have matches in the same place, but at different times which make for a long day in the bleachers for us and for our daughter, Ellen, who usually accompanies us. I often tell Brendan and Thomas that Ellen will be due a lot of payback time when she’s old enough to be in sports.

      While I am looking forward to Ellen’s sports debut, I have to say that I’m glad it will be a couple of years in the future. For now, going in two different directions is about all I can handle. It’s hard to imagine going in three, but I’m sure I’ll adjust and race even faster through December.