Taking a breather

    After a busy fall of watching junior high and varsity football games, my family and I are in the midst of a break between sports. Next week, wrestling season starts so things will get hectic again.

     Although, I enjoy watching sporting events and am glad that my children participate in them, it’s nice to have a little time off from sitting in the bleachers. Thanks to the beautiful fall weather, I’ve been able to spend a lot of time outdoors and my family has checked a lot of chores off of our fall list. I’ve also gone on a lot of walks down country roads with our dogs.

         I plan to continue those walks this winter because they will help balance the times I’ll be sitting in the bleachers watching my sons wrestle. I hope the forecasts for a colder, wetter than normal winter are wrong because I like walking outdoors. I guess I’ll just have to bundle up and make sure I have a good pair of boots.