Blowing in the wind

    I am thoroughly enjoying the unseasaonably warm temperatures of the past week, but I can’t say the same for the wind.

     Not only are the gusty winds causing minor annoyances, such as whipping my hair into my face so I can’t see and blowing dirt into my eyes, they are blowing down a lot of pretty good-sized branches into our yard. I’m worried that a tree could be next. When your house is pretty much surrounded by 100-year old cotton woods, high winds are a little disconcerting.

         I also hate to see the wind blowing the topsoil into the next county. When I came to work this morning, the soil still was anchored to the fields, but that could change if the gusts are up to 55 mph, as a forecast I saw predicted.

            I was hoping the wind would die down by the time I go to watch my son’s football game in Northwood, ND., tonight, but  it doesn’t look like that will happen.

    I’ll just have to hunker down in the bleachers and hope there’s not too much stuff swirling in the air while I’m trying to watch the game. My guess is  I’ll be watching a ground game. I can’t imagine fans wil  be witnessing much of a passing attack by either team.