A fall to remember

    What a beautiful fall!  You just can’t beat the cool nights and warm days we’ve been having during the past month. It’s been even harder for me to be inside on days like this than it was during the summer, I guess because I know that colder days aren’t too far down the road.

     Speaking of down the road, I’ve been doing a lot of walking down ours with my daughter Ellen and her dog, Rosebud. Sometimes we also take Maggie, our yellow Lab with us. Usually Maggies goes running with my husband, Brian, but lately there have been a lot of farm trucks going by our house. We don’t trust Maggie’s judgement because sometimes she decides they’re fun to chase.

       Walking  with Ellen and the dogs is a great way to get a close look  the changing countryside; the corn that has turned from green to tan, the harvested bean fields that are now mostly black and the trees that are just beginning to turn from green to gold.

          The weather has been lovely for walking . My only challenge is to get home from work in time to do it before it gets dark. I may have to start walking before supper because it’s hard to get 30 minutes in afterwards. By the time my sons are home from football practice and we finish eating it’s often after 7 p.m. By 7:30 p.m., it’s pretty dark and the dogs become kind of a coyote magnet. I’d rather not have their company on our walks if I can avoid it.