Too short and just sweet enough

    This was a great summer for my family. My children were healthy and happy and spent a lot of time outdoors riding bikes, swimming and playing with friends. I had a good time gardening, taking evening walks and going on an all-too-rare horseback ride. Brian, my husband, spent a lot of time pounding the pavement in preparation of the Twin Cities marathon.

   As always, summer vacation is drawing to a close too soon. Next Wednesday my kids will be back in the classroom and the old routine will begin. In a way we’re already back in the routine because my sons have been going to football practice for several days.

      As with other summers,  I didn’t get all of the projects completed that I had hoped to this summer and several will be have to be put on next year’s list. I do hope to accomplish a few things on the list during the next few days when I’m taking some time off from work.

     More important than getting projects done, though, will be spending time with my children before they head back to school. That’s something that’s way too important to be moved to next summer’s list.