Going Fourth in the country

    Although, I don’t do well in the heat, I’m not going to complain about the weather of the past couple of days. The warm temperatures will help dry up some of the standing water and help the crops and gardens grow.

     Despite the heavy rains this summer, our garden is flourishing. Unfortunately, the weeds are, too. We’ve managed to keep them from taking over the garden fruits and vegetables by weeding around the plants, but as soon as it dries up enough, we want to cultivate between the rows. 

    Instead of going to the lake for the Fourth of July weekend, my family and I will spend it on or near the farm. Garden weeding is one of the projects on the weekend list. Others include mowing, painting and baling alfalfa hay for our horses. We also hope to take in a county fair and will go to a cookout at my brother’s house. 

   For me, being on or near the farm beats driving to a lake. I can enjoy beautiful scenery, be in relative isolation  and best of all, spend time with my family, without spending a lot of money on gas.

    Wherever you spend the Fourth, I hope it’s good one!