Inch by inch

       Little by little we are getting spring chores done, working frantically whenever the sun shines. We’ve mowed a couple of times — and need to do it again this weekend — and planted a few rows of vegetable  in the garden.

        This week my husband, Brian, also planted about a hundred strawberry plants. Friends in town were downsizing their patch and gave us several boxes of plants.  He planted them behind the raspberry and june berry patch, so those pieces of ground will be very berry.

      If the rain stays away this weekend we will plant our warm-season crops such as watermelons, muskmelons and pumpkins. We plant seeds, so by the time they pop out of the ground the frost danger should be past. If it rains this weekend, I’ll plant next week during some days I’m taking off of work.

      I’m also planning to get started on summer projects, such as painting our outbuilding during my vacation days next week. I’m sure there also will be lawns to mow, too. While I’m working, I’ll enjoy spending time with my three children who will be on summer vacation after their last day of school on Tuesday. They are good helpers so I’m counting on them spending some quality time with me working on whittling away at projects.