A lovely day

    After a week of cold and rainy weather Sunday’s sun and warm temperatures were welcomed with open arms at our house. One of the good things about several days of nasty weather is that when it gets nice again we really appreciate it.  On Sunday it was a joy simply to be outside whether working or playing.

   My family and I spent much of the day after church outside, planting garden, mowing, horseback riding and bike riding. I also made some yummy rhubarb dishes with our first picking of the season. We capped off the evening with supper on our open porch, listening to the birds singing and watching a swallow trying to decide whether to build a nest on the overhang.

    It sounds like today also is beautiful. I haven’t been outdoors since I came to work this morning, but co-workers who have report that it’s another great day in the neighborhood. After supper (which will include rhubarb sauce) I plan to head outside and spend some time reveling in the evening sunshine. The nice thing about daylight savings time, now that my internal time clock is in sync, is that it’s light outside for several hours after I get home.