Another gray day

     Sunshine is a rare commodity these days. Although, it appeared earlier today like the sun may break through the clouds, that hasn’t happened. In fact, when I went outside during my lunch hour it was darker than it was when I came to work, and it was spitting a few drops of rain as well.

     It’s hard not to get dejected by the gloomy weather because it just seems to go on and on. Meanwhile, it’s been so cold that it’s taking forever for the trees to leaf and the flowering trees to bloom. Even the grass isn’t growing as fast as it usually does this time of year. Our horses have been looking longingly over the pasture fence  for the last few weeks and have done a good bit of chewing on the boards. I think they’re trying to eat their way through the fence into the pasture.

    On the bright side, the forecast promises better weather beginining tomorrow. The outlook is for sunny days with seasonable temperatures for the next week. I’ll take that even if it means we’ll probably have to start mowing twice a week. I wouldn’t mind feeling the warm sun on my back when I’m pushing the lawnmower around the yard.

One thought on “Another gray day

  1. My tulips are waiting for that first ray of sunshine and warm days.. to open up and smile at the heavens! Next week! Waiting patiently with you.. love your words Ann. You speak for many of us. Enjoy the impending warm-up. Fondly,

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