Two steps backward

    Just when there were some bare spots in our yard and the muddy driveway had dried, we got about 6 inches of heavy, wet snow dumped on us Tuesday night.

     I know that relatively speaking, we lucked out with the storm. Less than 10 miles away, the snowfall amounts were double what we got and 25 miles beyond that, they were more than triple.

    Though I know that we fared better than our neighbors to the south, our snowfall still was pretty disheartening because it seemed like we had made good progress toward spring during the previous week. The warm temperatures had melted the snow off of our flowerbeds and I was looking forward to seeing crocuses and hyacinth poking through the ground soon.

       With temperatures predicted to only climb into the 20s and low 30s for the next several days, there probably won’t be much melting going on. On the bright side, the skies are expected to be sunny.

     Meanwhile, I know that even in North Dakota there is a limit to how much longer snow can fall. By my calculations it can’t be more than six weeks before the temperatures will be too warm for snow. I guess you can view that as good news or bad news, depending on whether you see the glass half empty or half full.