Spring fever

    I’m so ready for spring. Here it is March 11 and instead of watching the snow melt and the puddles grow bigger, I’m trying to figure out how early I have to leave work to avoid driving in a blizzard.

    The forecast sounds like today’s weather will bring a little of everything; snow, rain and wind, so besides poor visibility, the roads likely will be icy. The highways already were a bit slick this morning from the snow sifting across them. One of the first sights that greeted me after I turned onto to U.S. Highway 2 this morning was a wrecker pulling a four-wheel drive vehicle out of the ditch. That was a signal to me not to use my cruise control and to watch for slick spots. I also drove a little more slowly than usual. It took  a little longer to get to work, but I arrived there safe and sound.

    I know that the weather during other seasons of the year can present their own challenges — driving in pouring rain and navigating muddy roads, for example — but after months of worrying about getting stuck or going in the ditch because I can’t see the road, I’m more than ready for winter to end.

   It looks like after this weekend, the temperatures will warm, at least for a few days, so once I get through today’s challenge, things will begin looking up.  For the rest of the work day, I’ll keep an eye on the weather radar and plan to head west before the snow starts to fall in earnest and the winds begin to pick up.