A welcome reprieve

    For a change, I’m looking forward to the weekend’s weather.  It seems like it’s been weeks since the  weather on either Saturday or Sunday — or both — wasn’t cold and windy.

     If the forecast pans out, temperatures will climb into the 30s — above zero — this weekend. It should be a good weekend to get out and go for a walk and do some repairs on the fence that the horses have been chewing on when they’re bored.

     The warm temperatures also should result in the melting of the ice dams on our roof. I just hope the water rolls off and over the gutter instead of making its way through the roof and into the house. I noticed a couple of places on our porch that were leaking last week when the temperatures warmed.

    I’m not too worried about those spots because putting new ceiling tiles in the porch seems to be an annual rite at our house. I’m more concerned about the upstairs ceilings. So far, so good, this winter. Maybe if these dams melt without causing damage, we can keep on top of snow removal from the roof so more ice dams won’t form.

     I’m not going to get my hopes up that the warm-up signals the end of winter, but I figure every day is one day closer to spring, and eventually the warm weather will be here to stay. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy a taste of what’s to come.