Flakey Friday

    Early this morning I thought maybe the weather forecasters were wrong about their prediction for snow today. I couldn’t see stars in the pre-dawn sky when I went outside to feed the horses, but no snow was falling, either.

    However, by the time I headed into Larimore, N.D., to drop my childen off at school, things had changed. There were enough snowflakes hitting the windshield to make it necessary to use the wipers, and by the time I left town, the snow was falling fast and furious. Visibility was fairly limited, especially when I was enveloped in a cloud of white left behind from passing vehicles. It wasn’t bad enough to be white-knuckled driving, but I was pretty relieved when I pulled into the Herald parking lot.

      On the positive side, the big fluffy flakes that are piling up are pretty and look like they’ll be easy to shovel.  This rare day without wind (so far) is a reminder of how lovely snow can look, and winter can be, when the flake fall straight down from the sky.