Winter’s worst

     For me, a  day like today with gusty winds, blowing snow and sub-zero temperatures represents winter at its worst. Any of the three would be bad enough on their own, but when combined they pose a triple threat to my physical and mental health. After walking a few blocks to pick up some lunch during the noon hour, I felt like a wind-whipped ice cube, and it took me a good hour to warm up. Someone commented to me shortly after I returned about the “awful weather,” and I agreed with her. I wanted to add that what makes it even worse is that it’s only early January and a long way to spring, but I didn’t want to add insult to injury.

    My inclination is to go home after work and stay inside until I have to come back here on Monday morning. However, with animals to feed, children to ferry about, church to attend on Sunday and several other obligations to meet this weekend, that’s not going to happen. Instead, I’ll don several layers of clothes and face the elements as best, and as cheerfully, as I can.

     My first challenge will be to get home safely. There’s a winter weather advisory posted because the snow and blowing is reducing visibility. My drive home yesterday was pretty challenging, not only because of those conditions, but because it also was dark, so I’m going to try to leave today before the sun sets. On that bright note, I’ll sign off and wish everyone a good, warm weekend.

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  1. We always enjoy your commentarys and articlesm thanks. From a snowbird from minnesota

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