Ready, but not waiting

After a beautiful October and first half of November, I got a reality check this week when the temperatueres dipped and the wind speed climbed. For the first time since early last spring the water in the horse’s tank froze and we had to put in a tank heater. Meanwhile, my children had to dig out their snow pants, boots, hats and gloves.

   A check of the inventory found that the boots that had kept our two youngest children’s feet warm last winter were too small to do duty again this year. I wasn’t surprised. The two seem to need new shoes about every six months and it’s been at least six since they wore the boots.

   Yesterday I headed to a local store and bought a pair of pink boots for my daughter and black ones for my son I also bought a pair of mostly black ones for myself. They’re much more comfortable than the pair I had and will keep my feet toasty on my trips between home and work.

    I also bought a pair of cheap black gloves. The gloves are pretty thin, but a pair of new ones are on my birthday lists. Gloves are an annual birthday gift that my husband buys. I can’t remember the last time I made it from one December to the next with the same pair of gloves.

       I was feeling pretty proud of myself last year when I still had my birthday gloves in mid-February. However, my son, who had borrowed my gloves, left them at a sporting event in a neighboring town in late February, and that’s the last time I ever saw them.

        With a pair of new, albeit cheap gloves, warm boots and winter coat, I’m ready for winter. However, if the snow  forecast for this weekend doesn’t fall and temperatures warm I won’t be feel bad. The longer my winter gear stays stashed, the better as far as I’m concerned.