Whistling in the dark

    This morning when I went outside to feed the horses, I could tell something was capturing their attention because Zammie, Isabelle and Freda were gallopping around the corral and snorting. A few minutes later, after I’d fed Zammie her sweeet feed, she ran over to the far end of the corral and was whistling through her nose as she stood, ears erect, looking south.

    An unharvested corn field that earlier had been sheltering a moose and her twin calves lies to the south outside of our farmstead, so I suspect that may have been what was attracting the horses’ attention. Or it could have been deer that sensed that hunting was going to begin at noon today and were seeking shelter in the farmstead grove just beyond the horse’s corral. I suppose it could even have been the coyotes that like to harass our dogs.

    Whatever the critter(s), it made the horses skittish, although hey don’t need much excuse to react to things by taking flight on these cool, crisp fall mornings. The weather makes them even peppier than normal.

    When I get home tonight from work it should be light enough to see what the horses were excited about. I hope it’s the moose or deer, not coyotes. I don’t mind the coyotes, but I’d rather they keep their distance. The moose and deer are welcome, anytime. In past years, moose have taken up residence in our farmstead shelterbelt during bad winter weather. They seem to like the company of the horses. The horses act pretty leery of the moose at first, but seem to get used to them after awhile.