Starry, starry morning

    After three days of wind and rain, I was glad to see that a few stars were twinkling in the sky this morning and that part of the moon was showing when I went outside in the pre-dawn darkness. It still was fairly windy, but that seems easier to endure when the rain isn’t also pouring down.

    For the first time in several days, I was able to feed the horses outside, in their corral, instead of in the barn. The ground was frozen so I could spread out the hay without it becoming a muddy mess. Our farmyard also had dried up a bit so I wasn’t sloshing through as much water on my trips back and forth to the barn, and Rosebud’s paws weren’t covered in mud when she came back to the house with me. I left Maggie and Minnie in the outdoor kennel because they went exploring while I was feeding the horses and came back with their feet more black then yellow.

    Although, we didn’t need the rain, I’m glad that the precipitation fell in that form instead of in snow as it did further west. That would have been a real mess.