Finally, a freeze

    When I went outside early this morning with my daughter’s dog, Rosebud, in tow,  I nearly slipped on the grass. It was covered with frost and my tennis shoes skidded across it when Rosebud pulled on her leash.

   It’s been a little frosty a few other mornings this month, but today was different. The grass was all white and felt pretty crispy underfoot. It was still too dark when I left for work to see what damage had been done to the flowers, but I have a feeling they’ll be brown when I get home tonight.

  That’s OK. It was a gift to go until Oct. 15 without a killing frost. We got to enjoy the flowers six weeks longer than we have some other years. Meanwhile, I’m hopng that the cold temperatures also killed the mosquitoes and wasps. They’ve both been pretty vicious the past few weeks and I’ll be glad to work in the yard without having them buzzing around and biting.

   We’ve almost accomplished our fall chores and hope to finish them off this weekend. We plan to  clean the chickenhouse at my mom’s, clean out the gutters on the house and mow the yards one last time. We don’t bother to rake leaves. We just chop them up with the lawnmower and leave the mulch on for nutrients.

    We cleaned out the garden and my husband, Brian, tilled it up a couple of weekends ago, so after this weekend we should be prepared for winter.   Not that I want it to arrive anytime soon. I would like to enjoy fall for at least another month.