Back in the routine

    If this blog has been conspicuous by its absence,  it’s because a combination of being busy writing for our print pubications and a switch in blog formats, has been getting in the way of posting. We switched to a new format earlier this month and it’s taken me awhile to figure out the new one. Now that I’ve got the basics down I’m good to go and plan to get back in the blogging routine.

    Speaking of routines, school stated Wednesday and my family has been working the past few days to get back in that groove. While summer schedules can be complicated, things really get interesting with football practices, football games and daycare to juggle. One thing that helps my husband and I, who both work in Grand Forks, 30 miles from where our children go to school in Larimore, N.D.,  is that we have good friends we can rely on to help us out if there’s an unexpected glitch in the schedules, such as a sick child or change in game or practice times.

         Although school has started, I’m pleased to see that the weather so far this week, hasn’t turned fall-like. It seems like 90-degree days are much easier to tolerate this time of year, probably because we know that the number of hot days will be limited and before we know it, we’ll be piling on layers of clothes.