Best years

    It seems like I just wrote my last blog about work plans for last weeknd and a new week already is upon me.

    This past weekend we prepared for our children’s week at camp. All three went to Camp K.A.C.E. The camp ( which stands for Kids Against Cancer Everywhere) near Detroit Lakes is for children with cancer. Their siblings also are invited so Ellen’s brothers went with her. All three were excited about attending their second year of the camp which features activities such as swimming, fishing and sports.

   My husband, Brian, and I are excited for them, but we know we’ll miss them. Our house is much too quiet when our children are gone. I guess it’s a preview of things to come when they fly the nest. I’m glad that won’t happen for several more years.

     I love seeing our children grow and change and find that each new stage of their lives is fun and exciting to be a part of. Maybe in 12 years when Ellen graduates from high school we’ll be ready for a quieter lifestyle, but for now Brian and I enjoying some of the best days of our lives.