A weekend blitz

    With the saying "Make hay while the sun shines" at the forefront of our minds, my family and I are planning to get a lot of outside work completed this weekend. Mowing, weeding and planting flowers are on the list, if the weather permits.

    Last night we finished planting the vegetable and fruits. I didn’t realize how overzealous I was when I phoned in my catalog order until I saw the four packages of muskmellon and  three packages of watermelon seeds in the stack. We planted them all, along with a lot of other fruits and vegies. If everything produces we’ll have plenty of extra produce to give away to family, friends, co-workers and still have some left over for the deer and rabbits who sneak in during the night for a snack.

    Besides getting a lot of outdoor work done, we also plan to honor our deceased family mmebers by putting flowers on their graves this Memorial Day weekend. We will remember my dad, a World War II veteran, my brother, two sets of grandparents and two sets of great-grandparents. 

     It was a family traditon to go to the cemetery on Memorial Day weekend when I was growing up and I want to pass it on to my sons and daughter. I think that going to the cemetery and seeing their relatives’ graves and hearing stories about them connects them to their past.