Rhubarb season

     Although I’m tired of the last couple of weeks of mostly cool, wet weather, it has been beneficial for growing rhubarb. Ours is thriving and I’m having trouble keeping up with its production.

    I’ve already made sauces, muffins, cake and dessert and still have some left over from the last picking. I haven’t gone to check the plants in more than a week, but I’m sure there will be another grocery bag to fill when I do.

   I love rhubarb, especially rhubarb pie. My mom used to make a rhubarb pie that was the best I ever tasted. It had a custard filling and, coupled wtih her flakey, perfect pie crust, was absolutely delicious. I’m, alas, not the piemaker she is, but I may give it a try. If it even comes close my mom’s, it’s bound to taste pretty good.

    I may also make rhubarb marmalade with the next batch I pick. It’s easy to make and tasty to eat, especially on cold winter days slathered on my husband, Brian’s, home-made bread. I also should probably cut up and freeze some so I can make desserts and sauces this winter.   

    Rhubarb is one of those, old-fashioned, never fail, perennials that’s easy for me to take for granted. All it takes, though, is one taste of a rhubarb concoction to renew my appreciation.