You gotta love it

    What a great month March has been. These past few days have been especially lovely and I’ve tried to be outside as much as possible. I never tire of observing the renewal of the earth each spring, and it’s just plain fun to spend time outdoors without wearing a heavy coat. My sons and daughter have been playing touch football, racing one another around our driveway and just generally enjoying the outdoors.

      During the past few days I’ve seen many flocks of geese flying north. Several flocks of swans also have been enjoying swimming in our fields and foraging in the corn stubble left from last fall’s harvest. So far, the coyotes haven’t scared them away and I’m crossing my fingers that the varmints will continue to leave them alone and the swans will stick around for awhile.

     Another sign of spring are the tulips in front of our house. They already are several inches high and at the rate they’re growing will be out long before early May when they usually start blooming.

      The warm weather has me thinking about planting the garden. The only problem is that I lost my seed order and recycled my Jung catalog. I’ve been hoping that the company would send me another, but it’s getting late to order seeds, so I may have to go online and request  a catalog. If I get busy and send in the order, this may be the year we can get our radishes in early and harvest some that aren’t hot and woody.