They’re back

     It’s a rite of spring at our farm to have visiits from swans. The fields that surround our farmstead usually have ponds on them and the swans stop for a few days or even weeks, depending on the amount of water and food available.

      I enjoy not only watching the swans, but also listening to them. They are particularly noisy at night and early in the morning. Last night the sound of the swans was competing with the howl of coyotes. The coyotes were pretty quiet and didn’t come around much during the winter, but now that spring is here, they’re more mobile — and noisy. I was hoping last night that they weren’t bothering the swans because I would like to have the beautiful, big, white birds stay around for awhile.

       This morning there was no sign of either the swans or the coyotes. Maybe the swans will return tonight. I hope the coyotes don’t.

One thought on “They’re back

  1. As the soon to be elected new Grand Forks County Sheriff, you can be sure I will promptly send out deputies to investigate that there was no FOUL play between the cyotes and the swans.

    Roland Riemers, Libertarian candidate for Grand Forks County Sheriff and defender of the rights of all law abiding swans and cyotes.

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