A rough road

    During a winter like this, one of my favorite sights and sounds is the roar of the snowplow, followed by a whoosh of snow spraying onto the sides of the road. This morning I had hoped the snowplow would beat me over the roads, but when I got to the end of our grove of trees, I saw that hadn’t happened. I was greeted by some pretty good-sized drifts caused by the snow sifting over the road all day yesterday and throughout last night.

     The drifts looked they were fairly soft and they weren’t too wide, so I decided to forge ahead and try to make it to the highway which I was pretty certain would be plowed. I knew from experience that I would have to strike a balance between driving fast enough so that I wouldn’t get stuck and going too fast and bouncing so hard I damaged the van.

      I made it through the east-west road without too much trouble and figured I had it made on the final few miles to the highway on the north-south road. (The east-west roads are usually the worst when the wind blows from the north as it had yesterday and continued to do today.)

     As it turned out, though, one of the worst drifts of my 6.5 mile trip on the gravel was on the north-south road. I was tooling along the north-south road when a 3-foot high, twice-that-wide drift appeared in front of me. I didn’t have time to stop and turn around, so I speeded up, gripped the steering wheel tight and plowed through. The van slowed and the tires spun a little when I hit the middle, but, thankfully, it kept on going and I made it through andit to the highway. From there the drive to Grand Forks was a breeze.

      I hope the plow comes before I head home. Between the snow covering the road so I can’t see it and the drifts blocking it, I’ve had enough driving adventures for one winter.