Travelin’ mom

    This promises to be a busy weekend for our household. Tomorrow my husband and I will be going in opposite directions as he heads east to run in a 10K race in Grand Forks and I head west (and north) to watch our oldest son in a wrestling tournament in Harvey, N.D.

      It’s been years since I’ve been to Harvey and I had to get out my North Dakota map to refresh my memory of exactly where it is. I think the last time I was there was about 20 years ago when I did a story on a woman who raised black Arabian horses. One of the horses starred in the Black Stallion movie.

       As I recall, it’ s a pretty long drive from here to there. I plan on riding with friends who are wrestling. I’m used to driving around the countryside by myself, but like it better when I have company. I’m especially glad I’ll get to ride with friends because the weather sounds like it might be a bit blustery tomorrow.