Piling on

    Another weekend, another snowstorm. Although we didn’t get as much snow as predicted, plenty fell Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We shovel our sidewalk every day, so I’m not sure how much fell during those three days, but I do know that when I went to my mom’s house over the weekend (she lives a couple of miles down the road from us) to shovel her sidewalks there was a good 6 inches on them.  I had shoveled them a week or so ago so that amount had fallen fairly recently.

    The new snow, combined with what already fell, is piling up in our yard. I have to heave the snow pretty high when I’m shoveling the walk or it hits the sides of the canyon we’ve created and falls back onto the sidewalk. The snow in the fields is deep, too, and I noticed the other day there isn’t much of the the unharvested corn peeking out over the top of the snow in one of the fields near our house.

     It’s already shaping up to be a challenging spring. I just hope that the snowmelt is slow or there is going to be lots of water to deal with.