Back in the deepfreeze

    Our weather during the past month seems to be following a pattern; a three-day storm followed by several days of cold weather. The most recent storm, like the one at Christmas, dumped quite a bit of snow at our house and the wind piled it into drifts. Our farmyard has a lot of mini hills that our children are having fun climbing on and building tunnels in.

     I can deal with the snow better than the cold. The older I get, the more the subzero weather bothers me. Once I get chilled, I have a hard time warming up. It’s not so bad when I’m at home and can dress warmly and wear several layers that include insulated coveralls. Sometimes if I’m expending a lot of energy, such as when I’m shoveling snow or loading or unloading hay bales, I actually get too warm and have to shed a layer. It’s when I go to work that I freeze. Dress slacks just aren’t made for below zero weather and windy conditions and my coat isn’t nearly as warm without a pair of coveralls underneath it.

     I can’t complain too much, though, because once I get to work I’m in a warm building and protected from the elements. I know some other people work at jobs that require them to be outside all day. I know from experience that even if you dress warm, eventually the cold catches up with you.

      Here’s hoping that the storm followed by cold pattern doesn’t go in threes. I’ve had enough winter for one winter.