Here we go again?

      Yikes! Just a few weeks after the storm that dumped 2 feet of snow on the Grand Forks area, it looks like we’re going to get socked again. While I don’t mind the thought of holing up in the house this weeknd, I’m not excited about dealing with the aftermath of wind, snow, ice…

      The ice actually makes me the most nervous. It’s no fun being on the farm without power. We do have a generator, but it can’t run everything in the house at once. We have to plug and unplug the cord into different outlets, depending on if we want to run the water pump, heat up the stove, etc.

        During the famous ice storm of ’97 we used the 1960s-era generator from Nodak that plugs into the power pole and runs off of a tractor PTO. At the time, we used my dad’s 4440 John Deere (diesel) tractor for the power. It ran constantly for seven days until the power finally was restored.

      The tractor has since been sold and I’m not sure if our 3010 gas-powered John Deere would have the endurance to run for that long, so we may have to rely on the small generator I mentioned earlier.

        Whatever happens, we’ll deal with it. As long as we can pump water for the horses and ourselves and the house is realtively warm, we’ll be OK. We have plenty of food to last it out and it sounds like there will be enough shoveling involved with the storm to keep boredom at bay.