White Christmas

    Dreaming of a white Christmas is one thing. Battling a Christmas storm is another. Judging from the weather warnings, it sounds like the one heading our way could be a big one.

    Fortunately, I didn’t have any big travel plans for the weekend. We had planned on staying home on Christmas Eve and going to my sister’s house about 10 miles a way on Christmas Day. If we can’t get there, we’ll have Christmas dinner at home and go to my sister’s house on Saturday or Sunday. I bought a turkey and all of the fixings just in case. I figure if the weather doesn’t affect our travel plans, I’ll stick the turkey and cranberries in the freezer and we can have Christmas dinner in July.

     I feel for the people who do have to travel a distance to get home for Christmas and pray that they make it there safely. Being home for the holidays is important to a lot of people and I’m sure that some of them will be on the road, regardless of the weather.

      I plan to stay holed up inside during the storm except when I have to go out and feed the animals. We’ll put in some movies, pop popcorn and drink hot chocolate while we’re watching. We may also do a little more holiday baking. Storms seem to bring out the baking instinct in me.

     The extra calories will be burned off when storm clean-up begins. We have sidewalks to shovel and a couple of flat roofs to rake at our house and at my mom’s down the road. Once the storm is over, the party will be over and the work will begin.

       There’s a chance, of course, that the storm will veer off or diminish before it gets here. That would be fine with me. Our Christmas would be white enough without it.