Never say never

    A few weeks ago the prospects of getting the fall crops out of the field looked dim. The majority of the corn and sunflowers and a good share of the beans and flax were still in the field and looked like they would remain there until spring.

     Meantime, I had pretty much given up on getting our remaining fall chores done and figured I’d be fowarding them to my spring list.

     November’s super weather, though, changed all of that. The warm, dry days have allowed farmers to get a good share of their crops out of the field. Farmers in my area of western Grand Forks County have finished up everything but corn, and the combines have been running long hours the past several days marching their way through those fields.

     We’ve been able to get the chores on my list done, so we’re set for the winter.

    The weather this month is another reminder of how important it is to trust that things will turn out OK, even when it doesn’t look like they possibly could. I have the greatest respect for farmers who deal with the unpredictably of the weather year after year. I admire their faith in the face of adversity and their perseverence to continue working in a profession that would give me ulcers.