Warming the bleachers

    After a brief respite between football and basketball seasons, my Saturdays again are spent planted on the bleachers. My son, Thomas, is playing 5th-grade basketball and tomorrow will be his third jamboree.

    I enjoy watching Thomas and his team playing. They’ve had good success so far, and more importantly, are having a lot of fun and getting good exercise. I, meanwhile, have gotten most of my exercise moving handfuls of food to my lips. The jamborees are a nutritional landmine, with food such as taco in the bag, pizza and hotdogs the main fare.

    Add to that 24-ounce bottles of soda and energy drinks and you’ve got the recipe for major weight gain. I try to offset the sedentary time I spend at the jamborees by doing a lot of physical outdoor chores  when I get home. So far, the weather has cooperated and I’ve been able to balance it out. 

    However, Thomas has three more jamborees and will finish just in time for his older brother, Brendan, to start wrestling season. I’ll either have to exercise more self-control or do a lot of snow shoveling. Otherwise, I’ll have a lot of extra insulatio come spring.