A bright sunshiny day

     Several straight days of gloomy weather makes me extra appreciative of today’s sunshine. Even though the temperature isn’t that much warmer, it certainly feels better and is a spirit-lifter. I returned from doing a few errands at noon in a much brighter mood.

    It was dark when I got to work this morning, so the light was from twinkling stars. My desk faces a corner without windows, so the only light in my zone is artifical and that’s not quite the same as being bathed in sunshine.

     I’m looking forward to enjoying the sunny outdoors the next few days. I am taking tomorrow off because my children are at home for the NDEA break. We still have a few fall chores to take care of (We actually could work non-stop for months tending to chores.) and I hope to play a touch football game or two with my children and husband and perhaps take a horseback ride.

       I’m really an outdoors person and don’t feel well when I’m sedentary. It’s not good for my waistline, either, if I sit too much because I tend to snack. During the next few days I hope to burn some of the extra calories I’ve been consuming. It probably won’t show when I return to work Monday, but I know I’ll feel better.