White out

    I woke up early yesterday morning to find snow a few inches deep covering the ground and tree branches bent over by the weight of the heavy white stuff. The power was out so I fed the horses by flashlight. The lights came on shortly after I finished feeding them so at least I didn’t have to get dressed and make breakfast for my children in the dark.

     My oldest son was ill so I stayed home with him and didn’t get off of the farm all day. I was surprised when I drove to work today that all of the snow had melted in Grand Forks. Our yard still had a couple of inches covering it when I left for work, but I assume it will be gone when I get home. The warm (relatively speaking) temperature and rain likely will melt it.

    I hope so because I want to mow the lawns one last time this weekend. It’s supposed to be windy Saturday and Sunday which should dry up some of the soggy mess. It’s hard to get fall chores done when it’s constantly raining. I realize, though, that my complaints are minor compared to farmers trying to ge their beets, beans and corn out of the field. For their sakes I hope the weather turns around and we have a long dry spell before winter weather arrives for good.