Frosty morn

    The forecasters were right on with their warnings of an overnight frost. I forgot to look at the thermometer before I left the house this morning and it was too dark to see if the lawns were frosty, but I heard on the radio on the way to work the temperature dropped tp 30 degrees in Grand Forks. I assume our thermometer registered about the same.

     I hate to have summer end, but we were blessed with a beautiful September, so I can’t complain.  I knew that the tomatoes and peppers would be goners if the forecast was accurate, so last evening I picked tomatoes, peppers and beets. The beets were sticking out of the ground and I thought they may be vulernatble to getting nipped by the frost and they wouldn’t be growing much more, anyway.   

   While I was picking the tomatoes, Maggie, our vegie-eating yellow Lab ran by with a cucumber in her mouth. She looked at me guiltily out of the corner of her eye as she laid down to eat it. She needn’t have worried about me taking  the ccumber away from her. The cukes have passed their peak season and don’t taste nearly as good as they did earlier. She can have as many cucumber she wants.

   The watermelon and muskmelon are another story, though. They’re so sweet eating one is similar to taking a bite of candy. I wasn’t pleased when I was carrying the tomatoes, beets and peppers to the house and saw that Minnie, our yellow Lab cross, was finishing up a muskmelon. She doesn’t care about eating garden vegetables, but is crazy about fruit. There wasn’t enough left of the melon to salvage so I let her finish it. Tonight maybe I can find one for us to eat — if I get to the garden first.