A whirlwind of activity

    Weekends this fall continue to be a busy balancing act between football, farm chores and preserving garden produce. This past weekend we went to our son, Thomas’ two football games on Saturday in Park River, N.D.  When we returned mid-afternoon my daughter, Ellen, and I picked grapes.

    On Sunday after church and Sunday school, Ellen, I and my mom prepared the grapes for cooking and after the Vikings game my husband, Brian, and I made 15 pints of jelly. After we finished the jelly we made a half dozen pints of salsa with Roma tomatoes we had picked earlier this week. From what I’ve heard, Romas make great salsa so I’m anxious to try ours after it ages for a few weeks.

    In between the jelly and salsa I made bananna bread and chocolate chip cookies. My baking has been lagging the past few weeks as I’ve been busy with straw baling and other fall chores.

    I ended the afternoon by mowing lawns. After being inside cooking all day I was anxious to get out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. I wasn’t disappointed. I got good exercise trimming with the walk-behind mower for about an hour, then enjoyed the view of the changing leaves from the seat of our riding mower for another hour.

 I still have an hour of mowing left and plan to do it tomorrow evening. I was pretty bushed by the time I finished the first two hours and knew I had to come back to my real job today, so I called it a day about 7:30 p.m. Sunday. Today I’m back to my desk job and I have to say it’s felt good to sit for awhile.