Falling leaves

    Because it was such a cool summer, it’s hard to believe fall is here. Although, the leaves seemed to stay green longer than usual, I noticed the other day some on the trees in our yard have turned and a few are drifting down into the yard.

    While the sight of leaves on the ground always makes me feel a little blue, my daughter, Ellen, age 6, was delighted when she saw the ground under one of our ash trees littered with yellow. She ran over to the tree when we were on our way to the garden and examined them to see if there were leaves enough to rake up into a pile.

       There are not enough yet, but that will change in the next few weeks. The ash trees, while beautiful when the leaves turn, are the first ones to lose their leaves. They’re also the last ones to leaf out in the spring. I guess I just have to enjoy them during the short season they’re on the tree. Or even better, I can adopt Ellen’s attitude; have fun playing in the leaves when they’re on the ground.