So far, so good

      September can be a kind of a nasty month of cold and wet weather so I’m pleasantly surprised by the warm, sunny days we’ve has so far this month. The weather has been good for gardens, row crops and harvesting so I’d guess that I’m not the only pleased. Even if you don’t grow anything, it’s pleasant just to be outside and enjoy the nice days.

      Knowing that the days of warm weather are numbered gives an urgency to taking advantage of them, whether it’s by getting chores done or participating in some form of recreation.

    I plan to do both this weekend. Picking and canning produce, baling straw and mowing lawns are on my agenda this weekend, but so is spending a day at the lake. The experts say that all work and no play (although, for me most of the time work is also play) doesn’t result in a balanced life so I force myself to relax once in awhile. Gotta make hay while the sun shines.