The green, green grass of home

    After being in dormancy for much of the summer because they were so dry, our lawns are lush and growing by leaps and bounds. The past few weeks’ rains have given the lawns a big boot and It seems as though I just mow andt they’re several inches high again. I plan on mowing again this weekend and I think I’ll have to use the lawn sweeper to pick up the clippings. The clippings were fairly thick after last week’s mowing and the grass grew just as much this week.

    I don’t mind mowing, but It’s getting to the time of year when it’s lost its novelty and I’m starting to count down the number of times I’ll have to mow this year. By my best guess it’s about a half dozen. Of course, the reason I will be done mowing isn’t one that excites me. I am not looking forward to the cold days that will put the lawn into prolonged dormancy. Once winter arrives I deal with it, and even enjoy it, but I wish we’d have summer first.