A swampy yard

     What a crazy few months of weather. This spring people were battling floods and farmers couldn’t get into the field because it was too wet. Then summer came and it turned dry. Now we’re back to monsoon-like weather.

    Our rain gage has a crack in it so I don’t have an accurate reading of how much rain we’ve had on the farm, but I know it’s more than enough. The farmyard has water puddles everywhere and the horses’ corral is a swamp. I had locked them out of their summer pasture about a week ago so the grass could grow, but I turned them back into it today. I decided it was better to sacrifice some grass than to have them standing in mud.

     Our garden soil is saturated and the fields around us also look wet. I noticed there was some water standing between the rows of the row crops. I’m sure it will soak in once (if) the sun comes out. Then I hope we get some warm temps so the beans, corn and sunflowers can catch up and farmers can combine.

     Once combining resumes we’ll be baling straw for our horses and to sell. I used our last two bales today, so I hope that it won’t be too long. A few weeks ago, I thought we had plenty to last until baling time, but with the wet weather the horses have been spending a lot more time in the barn.