Say it ‘aint so

    Though, I liked school when I was a kid, I never was excited to go back in the fall. I loved summer vacation and spending my time riding horseback, playing with the neighbor kids and cousins and just, generally, being outside. My own kids are pretty much the same. While they enjoy school once they get back in the routine, they don’t look forward to the thought of sitting in the classroom.

    But whether we want to or not, this month we have to think about school. Junior high football practice started last week and we also registered our kids for school. Tonight is orientation at the high school. In Larimore, where my kids attend school, there’s no middle school. Elementary school is K-6, then the students move to the high school.

    While I’ve learned the ropes at the elementary school, having a child at the high school will be a new experience for me. I’m sure things have changed in the 32 years since I graduated from Larimore High, so I’m looking forward to hearing how things work. I’m still not looking forward to the end of summer vacation, though.