You can’t beat the heat

    I am not one of the people who have been complaining about the cool summer. I don’t tolerate heat well so I have enjoyed the cool days, especially when I’m working outside in the garden or stacking hay.

     However, I know that our garden and, more importantly, our neighbors’ crops such as corn, beans and sunflowers, could use a lot more heat units. So I’m not complaining about the days in the 90s we’ve been having this week. I can almost see our watermelon growing and the tomatoes have turned from green to red in the past few days. Hopefully, the edible beans will start vining and blossoming and the corn ears will grow rapidly. I’ve seen a few sunflower fields blooming, but they have a long way to go before they’ll be ripe.

      As Murphy’s Law would have it, tonight I will be unloading 100 or so bales of alfalfa hay in the 90-plus degree heat. I plan to have a water bottle handy and my husband, my children, me and the guy who is bringing the hay, should be able to take care of the job in short order, so I shouldn’t be at risk for heat exhaustion. I’ll try to concentrate on the greater good the heat will accomplish and maybe that will help me keep my cool.