Summer camp

     Being a parent is filled with "firsts" and yesterday marked another one. For the first time, our children went to camp. We dropped them off at Kamp K.A.C.E. , (Kids Against Cancer Everywhere) near Detroit Lakes, Minn., where they will stay for five days. The camp is for kids with cancer and for their siblings. The staff at the camp includes doctors and nurses so we know that Ellen, our daughter who has leukemia, and her brothers will be in good hands.

        The week will be filled with fun activities such as swimming, sailing and a trip to a water park so I know they will have a good time. They’ve all had a tough year and deserve to have a good time without any worries, so I’m very happy for them. Though, it will be the longest time they’ve ever been away from home all three seemed fine when Brian and I dropped them off.

         Our house is too quiet without our children and I miss them. I keep telling myself It’s a little taste of what life will be like in 12 years when Ellen graduates. I’ll be 62 by then, so maybe I’ll be ready for it. For right now, though, I prefer the activity and sounds of their voices and I’m looking forward to Friday when we pick them up.