What’s the buzz?

    It’s been a fairly mosquito- and fly-free summer and I’ve appreciated that when I’m working outdoors. Our horses also have been happy not to be bitten by flies when they’re grazing.

    The situation has changed a little duirng the past week or so, though. I noticed a few mosquitoes buzzing around me when I went to pick some peas in the garden the other day and a whole cloud of the blood-sucking insects were following me when I was riding my horse, Isabell.

     Although the mosquitoes don’t bother the horses, they’ve been stamping off flies the past few days. I’ve sprayed them with the stuff that’s supposed to keep flies off for several days, but it seems to only work for one or two. I hate to spray them with that any more often than every several days because I figure it’s probably not good for them to have too much of the chemical on their skin. Running the large barn fan seems to keep the flies off pretty well , so I use that as a back-up for the fly spray.

     I’m hoping that the mosquito situation will resolve itself before we get into the raspberry-picking season. I would hate to have to resort to wearing coveralls and a cap with a mosquito net over my face like I did a few years ago. While that outfit keeps off the mosquitoes it’s also extremely hot and after awhile I can’t stand wearing the net.

     If we don’t get a lot of rain maybe there won’t be another big hatch of mosquitoes to spoil berry picking.