Back to work

    I’m back at work today after a week’s absence. I only expected to be gone on Monday, but problems with my daughter Ellen’s implanted part extended the time by a few days. We learned of the problme when she went for her chemo treatment and blood draw on Monday and the nurses couldn’t draw blood. Because they weren’t sure if the chemo treatment would get through her port, she had a blood draw from her arm and received a chemo treatment through an IV in the same spot.

     After trying for two and a half days to dissolve the clot in her port, the old one was surgically removed on Wednesday and a new one put in. It was a same-day surgery procedure and Ellen was able to be at home that night. She’s still sore and doesn’t feel great, but it should get better each day.

     Though it was a stressful few days, I have much to be thankful for, including good nurses and doctors to take care of Ellen, an understanding boss and helpful family and friends. They made this latest bump in the road a little smoother.