Take me out to the ballgame

    Today I went into work late because I have an interview that will run into the evening. Going in later was a bonus because I got to catch most of Ellen’s t-ball game before I left for work. It was a beautiful morning to watch her play; while the temperature was still in the 50s for the game at 9 a.m., the sun felt warm. There wasn’t much wind which made it even more pleasant to be outside.

      The game itself also was great. Is there anything much more fun than watching little kids play t-ball? They have a blast whacking at the ball and most of them couldn’t care less whether they get an "out" or make it to the plate. Heck, some of them don’t even know where first base is. One little girl had to be accompanied by her coach to the base.

       Many of the kids don’t take the defensive side of the game very seriously, either, and spend their time gazing at the clouds, studying their shoelaces or visiting with the other team members when they’re circling the bases. The kids on the other team ran merrily around Ellen, who was standing squarely on third base, during the first innning. I gently told her after the innning was finished that she should stand a bit off to one side so she wasn’t in the way. She nodded happily, then went to take her turn at bat. At that age coaching is an easy job. Young children have no egos and are simply eager to learn how to do things right.

        Ellen’s babysitter met me at the game shortly before it was finished and I reluctantly headed for my car. I know that before the season is over, though, I’ll be back in the bleachers. Ellen likes having her mom in the stands and I’m happy to be there.