Relaying an update

    I thought I’d give one last "plug" here for Relay for Life which starts at 5 p.m. today. The event, which raises money for cancer research and honors people who have or had cancer, is put on by a lot of dedicated volunteers and I hope the cold weather doesn’t deter people from stopping by. A lot of work has gone on throughout the year for fundraising and Relay teams are working hard today to ready their tents and put out their luminaries.

    The Herald had a great story today on Brittany Dvorak, an amazing 14 year old girl from Grand Forks with A.L.L. leukemia. Her team, called "Team Brittany," will be next to the Herald’s team at the Relay in University Park. Brittany has raised $2,000 for her team and invaluable awareness of Relay for Life. She’s a couragous young woman who is an inspiration to her family, friends and people who haven’t met, but have heard or read about her.

    I’ll be heading out to the Herald tent in a couple of hours to meet my husband, Brian Gregoire, and, Ellen Gregoire, our 6 year-old daughter who, like Brittany, has A.L.L. Ellen will have her Air Buddies puppy Rosebud with her. Both of them would be happy to meet Herald and blog readers, so stop by if you have a chance.