In a jam with rhubarb

    One of my favorite things about spring and early summer is getting to pick rhubarb. This year we’ve already had an abundance and made sauce, desserts and muffins. Over this past Memorial Day weekend we also made rhubarb-orange marmalade jam for the first time. It turned out well and is delicious. I can hardly wait to eat it on the homemade bread that Brian and Ellen make. I’m hoping we can make another batch of jam before rhubarb season ends and give it away with loaves of bread as Christmas gifts.

    Rhubarb is one of those foods that I didn’t like as a kid, but love now. A few years ago my mom gave me a rhubarb cookbook that has hundreds of recipes from breads, to desserts, to sauces, to salads to beverages. The spatters on its pages prove how well-used it is. One of my favorite recipes is called Rhubarb Mallow dessert and features layers of a graham cracker crust, rhubarb filling, whipped topping and miniature marshmallows and vanilla pudding. Another recipe I like to make is a rhubarb sauce that has orange juice in it. It’s great eaten alone, as an ice cream topping or on toast.

    I have about 10 cups of rhubarb chopped up and ready to be cooked, so one of these evenings I will find a recipe to use it in. I need to get it used up because with all of the rain we’ve been having, there soon will be another bunch of rhubarb ready.